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El super_anglicismos_traducción al Inglés

“El Super” es una manera de entender los cambios en todos los lenguajes a través de la historia. El intercambio social debido a cualquier causa, ha resultado en el enriquecimiento idiomático. En el idioma inglés inclusive encontramos muchas palabras latinas (romanas) que abundan en la lengua española.
El Super (Interpretación al inglés)The Building Superintendent (The Super)
I had to take a taxi during my lunch break. My Jeep wagon is in the shop because it needs a checkup with the computer. Yesterday,
I have got stuck with it, and I think the mechanic will have to set the timing and tune up its engine. This afternoon, as soon as we reached the place, the driver forgot the key inside the car with the doors locked. He had to leave the car in the parking lot. This guy said to me, “with this kind of luck that I have, I won’t be able to hit the lotto.” He was complaining all the way that his girlfriend is
hanging out all the time. Also, he thinks she is cheating on him.
OK brother, I am very busy. I have to check the roof because is leaking and the repairmen are coming to rebuilt the boiler. The building’s tenants are giving me too many complaints. My landlady will have to give me a porter. With all these phone calls that I am receiving, I have become so popular that I think I am going to run for mayor.I will call you back. Take it easy.


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